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This is the University of Maryland women's studies web site. The title is a slight misnomer in using the term database. The Web site includes specialized topical bibliograhies and a reading room of classic and historical texts, but it is not an actual database with searchable fields or a structured format. References and links are organized as directories (i.e.,categorically) and are accessed by browsing. Some of the information is dated a few years and some links are broken. Nevertheless, it is a very useful resource for scholarly material and primary sources, as well as relevant links, book reviews, and course syllabi.
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gender Inn
A bibliographic database that also includes selective bibliograhies and Web links. The searchable database includes more than 5,000 records "pertaining to feminist theory, feminist literary criticism and gender studies focusing on English and American literature."
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WSSLinks: Women and Gender Studies Web Sites
Catgories include: General sites, History, Archives, International, Art, Lesbian Sites, Business, Music, Culture (mostly literature), Philosophy, Education, Politics, Film, Science and Technology, Health, and Theology.
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Yahoo! Directory Social Science > Gender Studies
Ignore the advertising and pop-ups and you might find something here not found elsewhere. Sponsor link listings are paid advertising, whereas the .
Book (available at FLC)
Gender at the Crossroads : feminist anthropology in the postmodern era , edited and with an introduction by Micaela di Leonardo.
Web site
Anthro.net : An Introduction to the Anthropology of Gender
Reed Library Catalog Subject Search
Sex Role - cross-cultural studies
Book (available at FLC)
The Anthropology of Food and Body : gender, meaning, and power by Carole M. Counihan.
Book (available from Prospector)
Defining women : Social institutions and gender divisions. Edited by Linda McDowell and Rosemary Pringle.
Book (available at FLC)
Feminism and anthropology by Henrietta L. Moore.
Book (available at FLC)
Space, text, and gender : an anthropological study of the Marakwet of Kenya by Henrietta L. Moore.

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